Avatime Gbadzeme

The name Gbadzeme originates from Ga- Adangbe and Ewe. In Ga-Adangbe the word Badzeme which means (Come there) that is the first man who spotted the place called and called his colleague to come with him to stay at the new spotted land. In otherwise, Ewe word Gbadzeme or flat land as the old people or our ancestors derived from the word Abale

Gbadzeme is part of Avatime or town of Avatime who migrated from Ahanta in the Western Region, then to Winneba in the Central Region, to Greater Accra through Shai Hills to Matse to Oxulosu. From Oxulosu, Avatime's started looking for settlement. Gbadzeme then moved to Wordome all in the Volta Region of Ghana near Biakpa. At WOrdome they started moving in groups again. One group led by Dzekua from Awiasiale clan spotted our present place Gbadzeme.

Avatime people were Adventurous and Belligerent. In 1822 there was a War between Gbadzeme and Logba people. Asafo Buatsi who was the Chief of Gbadzeme led that War and defeated the Logba people. Logba people became angry and attacked the people of Gbadzeme from ambush on many occasions until they were able to kill Kwakutse the son of Asafo Buatsi that brought a second War between Avatime and Logba people in 1853. That brought into the first Oath "Ketamu" of Asafo Buatsi ie. (Ostyrefo Lisowole) Asafo Buatsi's son Droefenu led that War and defeated the Logba people. During that War, Okusie Adobor lost his two children which brought (KITAMU ADZATEKPOR WUABI).

ASHANTI WAR 1868-1869

Ashanti's were chasing Akwamu's and Akwamu's ran to Avatime. Ashsnti's followed them to Avatime. Droefenu the Chief of Gbadzeme led that war and Avatime defeated the Ashanti's near mountain Gemi at Kpekuieva which is in Gbadzeme land. The wife of the chief of Gbadzeme was shot and hurt so she died later which also brought about the second Kitamu of Gbadzeme." Agyemang Kpeku"

The chief of Ashsnti's Nana Sentua was killed in his palanquin. Parts of his body and possession were shared among the fighters. Agyemang (Droefenu) the awr leader was given the head. Agymang took also the oath sword of the Ashanti's war leader. That is the sword the people of Gbadzeme have being using at any time they want to swear an oath to Okusie Agyemang. Amedofe chief Akyomfoli was given the palanquin and the towel.Other parts went to the various divisions.

The Akwamus, who were chased by the Ashsntis gave Agyemang a horn for the part he played. The original horn of Okusie goes like this, Asafo Buatsi, Meko ako manim Meko ako manim papaapa.
The present one says, Agyemang Ketekyie, Wope ko wonya ko, wonya ko papaapa. This horn leads the paramount chief to any function. Another tittle from Akwamu chief Dompre to Chief Droefenu was the name Agyemang meaning Woa dzi man i.e. SAVIOUR OF TOWNS OR PEOPLE. That is the meaning of the name Agyemang. The people of Vane did not take part in the war because they were friends or have blood covenant with the Ashsntis.


A British Missionary by name Darapple was killed the Taveife people and Pekis were asked to punish them. Pekis could not stand them, so they sent for Okusie Adobor the paramount chief of Avatime for help. What Peki's said was that, Adza wo ha va tekpo. That was the origination of the name Adzatekpor. Adzatekpor sent for Agyemang his Adontehene, Agyemang went to Vane in his palanquin and swore that fighting will start as soon as he reached Taviefe. He sang a song and cut abranch of the tree at centre of the town with his oath sword before he left Vane. This was the song, Okoaba mufie Agyemang, didi aba wusi Agyemang wohi Agyemang led the war and defeated Taviefe people. Togbe Kwadzo Dei of Peki was in full praise for Agyemang and gave him a drum (Aglovu) because he did to the oath he swore. The drum says Katamantu, which means you, swore an oath and you go by it accordingly. This drum always lead Avatime's anywhere they go. After Taviefe war, Avatime people assigned Agyemang a roll, to supervise some towns around Avatime which were under control of Adzatekpor.