THE TOWNS ARE: Logba, Gbefi, Anfoe, Liati, Dodome and others. That means anyone who will go to Adzetekpor will first pass the message through Agyemang, the people of Gbadzeme being warriors and hunters killed an animal called Osisibrisi the skin which won the title for Adzatekpor.
Currently the people of Avatime still hold Gbadzeme to high esteem as their Adontehene because of their Braveness.


Gbadzeme is located in Ho-West District in Avatime below Mt. Gemi the triumph, surrounded by Kpedze Eastern part, Logba North East, Fume North West.


The vegetation is mixed vegetation i.e. Serious forest and savannah with mountains and clips/valleys.
RIVER: The main source of our drinking water is River Adzagbe. Others are Ote, Ayavliza, Kenimeni, Ogumi, Okolo, Livu, Avele, Awanyitsie etc.


The weather is both tropical and temperate.

CLIMATE:Two major seasons: Wet climate {April –October} Dry Climate {December-March}

POPULATION:The population of the town is about five (5) thousand.

ECONOMY:The people are mainly farmers. The cultivate cash crops, such as; cocoa, coffee, Cashew, Palm tree (oil palm).

FOOD CROPS: Cassava, Yam, Plantain, Cocoyam, and water yam.

CEREALS: Rice, Millet and Groundnut.

FRIUTS: Banana, Black apple, Avocado pear, Pineapple, Coconuts etc.

TRADE: The people of Gbadzeme can boast of Masons, Carpenters, Hairdressers, Tailors/Seamstresses, Blacksmiths, and Scholars such as Public Servants, Civil Servant, and Security Men etc.

CULTURE AND ARTS: Religion: Christians, Orthodox and Pentecostal


DANCING: Borborbor, Apasmaka, Hovu, Atumpami, Totoeme and Brassband

HANDICRAFTS: Carving palanquin, weaving, basket weaving etc.

ATTRACTIONS: Mt.Gemi, Caves, Spruce interlocking, Eco-Tourism, Valleys, Waterfalls, Natural swimming pools, Stone as a weapon for Ashanti war, Anti facts of the first settlers, Baya and Clipps

SPORT AND RECREATION: Playmables, (Itoze) playing with sticks or nails, Oware, Ampe, Draft, Ludo, Cards, Volleyball, Football, Netball, Table Tennis, Dancing etc.

EDUCATION: Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary, Junior High School and Vocational Training.