Current Challenges

Every respondent that I interviewed mentioned water as their main concern. In fact when asked to state the first three challenges facing the town, the pattern of responses run like this 'water, toilets, roads, the fourth most important is the basic school. The Dzogbefeme L.A/ EP Basic school is an apology of a school.
The KG has nothing to show that it is the training centre of our children.

  • Nothing for children to play with
  • The building itself can better be used to keep banana
  • It is a free range area giving access to anybody and animals
  • Children have no resting place
  • The primary school lacks furniture. ( I met a child standing behind a table without a chair at P3. This child has been standing there to receive lessons.)
  • Absenteeism and truancy abounds
  • The JHS needs furniture
  • No records on BECE over the years
  • No credible admission register for JHS

The list containing the ills of Dzogbefeme Basic School is a tall one.

The problems of Dzogbefeme are borne out of the fact that her sons and daughters have neglected the community. Many of those who have made a head way in education and are in gainful employment suddenly forget their roots. That is why the list of prominent citizens seems scanty.

The town is left in ruins. One can see a number of old mud walls giving way. Contrary to what is happening in our neighboring towns, homes are neglected and allowed to collapse.

Meanwhile, new ones are not springing up as they should. In many cases grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren have all crammed into few rooms available at ancestral homes. It is very difficult for one to beat his chest and mention a facility in town which has been acquired by the community through the generosity of her illustrious sons and daughters living outside the community.