The place we came from, we and the Gafes all of us Avatime came from Ahanta. On the way coming we passed Anglo we taught them sea crafts, that is what our forefathers said. Then we came to Matse. On the way, the Gafes left us, that is why they are now at French Togo side. We are all one tribe (limade tile). We arrived at Matse stayed there quarrels among us. Our fathers were fighters; they blocked their water they fought.


Matse said they should not stay there. That brought the war. They also insisted that they would stay there by all means. They mixed palm oil with clay the old people they had those things if the stream is flowing now, if they want to punish you they will block that stream and it will never flow through your town. It will flow under the ground, but it would not flow for you to see. It will stop at this place, but other people can use it at their places, but this town will never see it. They arrived at this place and they said they would stay here. They were warlike people and they said that they would stay at the top of the mountains. So Fumes also decided they would stay in the Valley because they were strong people. When we arrived here there were some people who were called Gbefis. They stayed at Nuabie, they were sacked, all of them. These people who came to meet were called Bayas. They were on the land before our arrival, when they came, Bayas were strong but Kedamone conquered them, and they were divided among the Avatime towns. For us, we do not know much we were not old when it happened perhaps you can get document from Adza Tekpor. The little we were told is what we remember and what we are trying to tell you.