Dzogbefeme is a town of about 2000 inhabitants. It is located at about 1700ft, above sea level. It is about 20miles of Ho as indicated on the map attached. The weather is always breezy, relatively cool and friendly. The air is village fresh. The topographical features are typical of plateau formation, with gently to flat slopes. The vegetation is beautifully contrasting from grass to forest. From the top of the surrounding highlands one can enjoy vast expanses of view in all directions and even up to the Volta Lake.


The quiet village atmosphere the cool breezy and refreshing air, the delicately beautiful scenery everywhere, one directs his eyes, all his attest to the visible tourist potential of Dzogbefeme. Those who are already blessed with the knowledge about these heaven sent conditions frequently retreat to the village for relaxation or even recuperation.


There are reasons to believe that the presence of relies of past civilization found on the land surface here and there are very small in comparison to the wealth of materials buried underground, in the caves and behind the massive retaining stone wall at the ancient dwelling of the ancestral man.


  • plate 1 :A Primitive Anvil
  • Plate 2: Remnants of Iron Ore
  • Plate 3: An Ancient Shrine
  • Plate 4: Finger on a Rock
  • Plate 5: A Cave Dwelling
  • Plate 6: Relics of Tobacco Pipe and Some Broken Cast Iron Objects
  • Plate 7: Kidago Water Falls
  • Plate 8: Aerial View of Dzogbefeme From Ogborxu Hilll
  • Plate 9: View from Kekumi Hill towards Amedzofe
  • Plate 10: Durbar Of The CHIEFS AND PEOPLE OF DZOG