We came from Benin and then to Ahanta. They were leaving places on the way because they were quarrelling. From Ahanta they wandered via many places and came to Taviefe, from there they moved to Matse Gbegbe. This was really the only place they stayed for a length of time.


One day they were sitting and saw a pregnant woman carrying a pot to the stream, The Avatimes started an argument as to whether the child will be male or female? And they ended by killing the woman to find out. The Matse people were annoyed and so they Avatime people left blocking the stream on the way with palm nut fibers, palm oil and stone. From there they went to Oxulusu. They arrived there in the evening so they cut tree branches to sleep on. The next morning they found that their leader has slept on a snake (Bredziman) but had died and hadn't harm him so they took this to be a good sign and stayed there. Only the older people stayed,the younger ones left for a different place.


We don't know exactly but in spite of all being one people they were in division and there was a leader for each division. The hunters would go out follow a stream and find places for settlement we don't know who left first. The Gbadzeme people stayed at Owolome on the side of the Gemi before they came to their present site. Amedzofe people stayed at Ogboxolome. Biakpa people left last and only travelled a small distance. The Fume people stayed at Anagbledzogbolo and Dzokpe at Anyirade. Both of them got water from Ovoexoeme. There came a quarrel, a Dzokpe woman was carrying water and a Fume woman upset it and there sat on her the Fume woman was killed because she slipped into the stream so the Dzokpes left and when they saw Ahavo they decided it was good and they all began to come to the place and from this the name Dzokpe came about. Be dzo be- Agudugbane was the first leader. Later when they were fighting the Gbefi War, the people at Dzokpe were not plenty so they called for help and people from other towns came, now there are people from all the towns


The people we met there were the Bayavas-they were giants. One man picked up the Baya stone with one hand and they staed there. The stone was like the stone people sits on now. Avatime's and Bayas quarreled because the Bayas were causing problem for the Avatime, so the Avatimes decided to poison them, they put (Osta) poison from a stick into a palm wine and decided a day all the Bayas should die. Those who did not come there were left and were divided among the other Avatime towns.


During the Wars, Vane people won't go. They will meet with others and say they will go but they won't go Ba va one. War Fought—Logba 1. Ashanti the Akwamu war was fought with the Ho, Gbefi, Taviefe people, and it didn't reach here. Gbede Tafi: Logba 2. Before the Ashantis would fight people, they would tow people with salt and bullets. If you decided to fight, you have to take the bullets, but if you take the salt it means you don't to fight Bia noe ixule they made a juju agreement. How did Biakpa got this name? Biakpa people were tapping palm wine , when they were going to the bush there was other people's Obia (the torch) leaning against a tree, the Biakpas would remove the torch and throw it away and through this they were given the name Babiakpa from Bekpa obialo (they throw down Obisalo)